Aloe Aristata Succulent

Aloe Aristata Succulent

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Aloe Aristata commonly called as  Lace Aloe, Torch Plant, Bearded Aloe, Hardy Aloe, Torch Aloe.

Aloe Aristata is a perennial evergreen species. Rosette of green-grey leaves and slow-growing succulent plant.

succulent plants are very easy to care.

Light : Place your succulent  anywhere it can receive plenty of sun or bright light. Avoid intense, direct sunlight until plant has acclimatized to its new environment.

 Soil : Make sure the soil is moist at all times during the spring and summer months.

 Water : Water when soil is dry to the touch, which is approximately every 7 - 10 days. Avoid water it daily. Water them more in spring and summer and less in winter, and it’s better to underwater them than overwater them.
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